Lucy Norris


I started my teaching career in summer schools for European teenagers in the UK, before training as an English and drama teacher. I worked with both primary and secondary school learners in London and Bristol before my love of languages led me to live and work overseas in 1987. I enjoyed teaching young learners, teenagers and adults in Turkey, Italy and Indonesia before moving into pilot training, ELT management, professional development and teacher training for Cambridge in Australia and Spain. My first book (Relay 4, Nelson) was published in 1990, a short course for teenagers, and I have enjoyed writing and developing a range of published materials for both younger learners and adults since then. I am currently based in the UK and completing a Masters in Media Assisted Learning at Brighton University, as well as working with EU primary and secondary teachers on Comenius professional development courses. My professional interests are Mobile Learning, learner-centred approaches, 21st century education skills and the impact of new technologies on the teaching and learning processes.