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Spotlight on Literature New Edition

Spotlight on Literature New Edition is a literature-based program that consolidates
English skills for teenage and young adult learners.
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Spotlight on Literature New Edition is a literature-based program that consolidates English skills for teenage and young adult learners. It features culturally diverse literary texts together with varied activities that strengthen reading comprehension and critical literary analysis.

Spotlight on Literature New Edition also includes lessons on grammar and vocabulary from the reading selections and activities to develop critical thinking, classroom discussion, group work, individual work and creative writing.

With Spotlight on Literature New Edition students will:

 read literary texts, brief biographies and interesting facts

 strengthen reading comprehension and critical literary analysis

 do grammar and vocabulary activities based on the reading selections

 participate in classroom discussions, group work and individual tasks

 develop creative writing skills

Components & Resources:

For Students

 Student’s Book
 (with integrated workbook)


For Teachers

 Teacher’s Guide

 Teacher’s CD-ROM



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